Tailor-made lessons / Индивидуален подход

In Matevi Language Centre we take care of all our students and we place the learner in the centre of the learning process. You can choose between one-to-one, tailor made learning, learning in a group or guided self-study learning. With our flexible approach, highly qualified teachers and long teaching experience we can offer the best combination for you to improve your communicative skills or prepare you for an international exam. We meet all our students personally and make sure that we appropriately and efficiently deal with your preferences.

Advantages of one-to-one teaching and learning:

  • Only one level – this means no mixed abilities or fast finishers to deal with
  • More time and attention
  • We as teachers can learn something too. Students can teach us about their interests, work and experiences.
  • We can select material we are sure will interest and motivate the student.
  • There are fewer time constraints. This means we can spend as long as necessary to address our student’s needs, and explore areas of personal interest
  • Flexible and convenient
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