About us

Assoc. Professor Dr. Galya Mateva

  • MA in English Language and Literature  and PhD in Pedagogy
  • Experienced English teacher, teacher trainer and author of many ELT publications
  • CELTA and DELTA tutor and course director
  • Founder Chair of Optima (the Bulgarian Association for Quality Language Services)
  • Suggestopedic teacher trainer and consultant

Mila Mateva

  • MA in Linguistics – University of Southern Denmark
  • BA in English Pedagogy and BA in Business Administration – Thames Valley University
  • Cambridge CELTA – grade A
  • Cambridge ESOL Oral Examiner
  • Suggestopedic teacher


The quality of learning is what we care for. Learning in a team or on your own.

Learning from each other. Learning in supporting environment. Learning which suits you best.

Projects we have been involved in:

The European Profiling Grid – a tool for mapping and assessing language teacher competencies internationally

The European Skills Passport - a self-assessment tool for language skills and qualifications

Suggestopedia and Language Teaching

If you are interested in Suggestopedia read the following article by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Galya Mateva – The on-going role-play in Suggestopedia


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