The mock exam includes: test materials, test procedure and test assessment (written and oral) . Taking a mock exam gives you the opportunity:

  • to check if you are ready for the real exam
  • to make sure that you can do the test within the specific time frame

If your achievement rate is above 60% you may receive a certificate based on the test result from the mock exam with information about your proficiency level according the CEFR.

It is important to know that the FCE and CAE exams are among the most popular international exams all over the world and they do not have an expiry date.

You are ready to start preparing for these exams after you have had approximately 600 hours of tuition.

The IELTS and TOEFL exam results are valid for only two years. These exams are also accepted by international universities and professional organisations depending on your test results.

You can take the real exam in different institutions and the price for taking the exam and receiving the original certificate is different.

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